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We all love Casino. That is why we are here. This is YOUR chance to find your favorite dance partner and show us how much fun you have casineando your hearts out!
Judges will choose the couple that embodied the technical concepts AND true spirit of casino. For those who are casino fans, think of this as a USA remake of the famous “Bailar Casino” competition, in the “Duelo de Parejas” format.

Enchufa! Guapea! Rodeo! Saloneo!

In this edition, we want to invite all possible dancers (without exceeding the 20 couple limit); therefore, registration is completely free for Cubason Congress participants.


* Pre-Requisites for Participation:
· Cubason Congress Full Pass Holder (Early Bird, Regular, or Performer Pass)
· Being a registered guest at Le Pavillon Hotel OR Canopy by Hilton (exception: Lousiana residents)



* Cubason artists will not be allowed to compete.

· Date: Friday August 9, 2024

· Time: During our Friday night party.

· Venue: Zulu Social Aid & Pleasure Club

· Registration limit: First 20 couples to sign up.

· Couples must contain a leader and a follower.

· A minimum of 3 registered couples are required to hold the competition.

· The minimum age to participate is 18 years of age.

The competition is made up of several couples (composed of a leader and a follower) who dance simultaneously to the rhythm of a randomly selected Cuban music song.



In the first part all the couples will dance simultaneously. The judges will individually score each of them during the song.

In this phase, 50% of the couples will be eliminated.


In the second part, the same scoring process will repeat, with the difference that the members will have to dance a song of greater complexity.

In this round the rest of the couples will be eliminated. Only the 3 finalists will remain.



The 3 remaining couples will dance one last song with the same format. This time the judges’ scores will determine the two finalist couples, while the popular vote of the public will determine the winning couple of the contest.


May the most Casinera/o couple win!

· The song will be chosen at random at the beginning of each round.

· All songs chosen will be consistent with the genre of the contest (Casino Dancing) and not songs that could create choreographic confusion.


It is important to understand that we are facing a Casino competition and not a couple choreography. Casino is an improvised dance. If the judges detect that choreographic blocks are being performed, said action will negatively impact scoring.

Special attention will be paid to:
· Use of available space and appropriate traveling movements.
· Interpretation of the different sections of a song.
· Applied technique.



To facilitate effective and fair scoring from all of our judges, we ask that contestants dance either on timing 1 or contratiempo. This will allow judges to easily detect which couples are able to maintain their rhythm throughout each song. In short, for the purposes of this competition, we are discouraging dancing on 3, 7, or 5.



This is one of the most important aspects of the evaluation. It will be evaluated based on:

– Footwork and stepping style
– Use of elbows and knees
– Turns or spins
– Fluidity of movements
– Inefficient leading and/or connection



Attitude of the dancers during the competition. A cheerful attitude will be positively valued. Let’s not forget that we dance to enjoy.


Coordination between both individuals of the couple and the applied leading.


Cubason Congress aims to contribute to the development of the Casino Dance in all its versions. Every original and creative design will have a positive evaluation.

Of course, everything within the limits of what represents Casino.


An elegant wardrobe will be positively valued compared to:

– Everyday clothing
– Activewear
– Costumes for ballroom or dance sports (shows).

We aim to reclaim the use of elegant attire and to remember that we are representing a social ballroom dance that does not have a specific costume.

The tasteful use of makeup, hygiene and overall presence of the participants will positively affect scoring.



· 85% casino dance elements

· 15% maximum of stylistic elements (not choreographed) from other dances

· The panel of judges will consist of between 3 and 5 members, who will be revealed in the weeks prior to the event.


· The judges will master all the necessary aspects of Casino dancing. In this competition we want to reinforce the importance of having a team prepared for a «fair-play» evaluation.


· Each judge will be in charge of a certain number of areas (between 1 and 3) to be assessed, in this way we achieve greater precision in the different sections being taken into account.


· Judges will score the following sections from 1 to 10 (subject to change):


1. Choreographic Development

2. Musical Timing

3. Technique

4. Attitude

5. Synchronization

6. Creativity

7. Costume and Makeup

8. Content

Your participation implies that you understand, accept and consent to the conditions that govern the competition rules. Failure to comply with these may result in the subtraction of points for the couple and/or disqualification.


For any questions related to registration, please message us through the contact form.

The regulations are subject to updates as the organizers deem appropriate. Any changes will be notified immediately to enrolled participants. For any questions you may message us via our contact form.